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Our Story

The Academy was founded in 2011 to honor and support teachers as valued professionals in need of the latest knowledge and inspiration.

Our premise: by respecting teachers and giving them the support they need, we will keep them where they belong—in the classroom inspiring our children for years to come.

Our mission is to honor and support teachers through world-class learning experiences that inspire them to continue changing lives, in the classroom and beyond.


Our Impact

Teachers are the world’s most valuable—and least appreciated—resource. The impact of a good teacher is incalculable, but too many teachers burn out too soon.

We offer a solution to the crisis of teacher attrition. Research shows the Academy keeps great teachers in the classroom. Our programs make teachers 4X more likely to keep teaching.

Our People

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Board of Directors
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  • Alan Cheng
  • Christian Clarke
  • Elizabeth B. Dater
  • Peter J. DiFiore
  • Irena Goldstein
  • Amber Joseph
  • Margery Mayer
  • Roy Moskowitz
  • Chloe Pinkerton
  • Jane Pollock
  • Karen Russell
  • Danny Schott
  • Mary Singh
  • Will Thompson
  • Wilson Tong
  • Felipe Vasconcelos
  • Elly Wong


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Ian Frazier
Ralph Gardner Jr.

Help us keep great teachers in the classroom

Teachers, our most valuable resource, are struggling. Overwhelmed and under-supported, too many teachers leave the profession too soon. The Academy’s enriching experiences and supportive community have been proven to improve those odds.