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2024 Woodridge Award

A highlight of Show Teachers the Love! is the Woodridge Award, presented by an accomplished person to a teacher who helped them on their way. The award is named in honor of Mattie Woodridge, who taught high school English in Helena, Arkansas during segregation. After winning her school’s outstanding teacher award four times, Woodridge organized a day to celebrate local teachers. Its success led her to campaign for a national day of recognition for teachers and with the help of Eleanor Roosevelt, National Teacher Day was established. Dr. Chelsea Clinton will present the 2024 Woodridge Award to her first grade teacher from Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Sadie Mitchell.

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The Woodridge Award for Great Teachers

The Woodridge Award is presented annually by an accomplished person to the K-12 teacher who most helped them on their way.

Photo by Rogerline Johnson, Johnson Studio, Helena, Arkansas

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Teachers, our most valuable resource, are struggling. Overwhelmed and under-supported, too many teachers leave the profession too soon. The Academy’s enriching experiences and supportive community have been proven to improve those odds.