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Our Video Library

Our ever-growing video library consists of online master classes, led by world-class experts and artists, and other goodies to support and inspire teachers.

How Poems End

A master class with Billy Collins

A master class with Manjul Bhargava

The world is full of beautiful patterns—from tilings on kitchen floors, to petals on daisies and spirals on pinecones, to the emergence of cicadas into the sunlight every 17 years. A childhood desire to understand such patterns eventually led Manjul Bhargava to a career in mathematics and number theory. This master class will explore the mathematics underlying patterns in the world around us.

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A master class with Jennifer Falú

In this master class, Jennifer Falú leads Early Career Fellows through a writing workshop centered around love, gratitude, poetry, and grace. The Early Career Fellowship is a program for promising new teachers that addresses two critical problems in education: keeping new teachers in the classroom and the underrepresentation of teachers of color. The yearlong fellowship offers a supportive community filled with opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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A reading by John Turturro, written by Jennifer Kaplan

John Turturro reads "The Field Trip" by Jennifer Kaplan, winner of the 2020 Stories Out of School flash fiction contest. About the contest: Teachers have the most fascinating, difficult, and important job on the planet, and their workdays are filled with stories. Yet teachers seldom appear in fiction. This annual contest was created to inspire honest, unsentimental stories about teachers and the rich and complex world of schools. Our partner for 2020 was Electric Literature.

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Patrick Warburton reads a Lemony Snicket classic

From Patrick Warburton's mouth to our ears. Warburton reads Lemony Snicket's wise and wonderful "My Education."

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A discussion with Russell Rickford

Professor Russell Rickford traces Black radical theory and activism from the Black Power era of the late 1960s and 1970s to today, and discuss grassroots efforts to put oppressed people in command of their schools and their lives.

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A master class with Amy Hungerford

What does the outrageously oversharing Fleabag (she of the eponymous Amazon Prime series) have to tell us about inner life? About solitude? And why is a priest the only character who perceives the silences in which her mouthy asides to the audience take place?

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A master class with Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Khalil Gibran Muhammad discusses the history of policing in the United States as it relates to the experience of Black Americans.

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A master class with George Saunders & Deborah Treisman

The relationship of a writer and an editor is fascinating and mysterious, and has similarities to the relationship of a student and a teacher. In this master class, writer George Saunders and editor Deborah Treisman describe their collaboration through various drafts of Saunders’ short story “Ghoul” before it was published in "The New Yorker."

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A master class with James Tanton

The Earth seems flat for us living on it. If it were the shape of a cube, only those living on the cube’s edge might suspect something strange is going on. But what would be the “degree” of that strangeness? Could we get a measure of the overall “non-flatness” of a cube from what those on the edge report? We’ll explore these peculiar, amorphous questions and whether the cube is, actually, just as round (aka “equally flat”) as a sphere.

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