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Chanoyu for Teachers Special EventIn-Person

Headshots of (from left to right): Ayodele Casel (by Michael Higgins) and Crystal Monee Hall

Sunday, Nov 12, 2023

Globus Washitsu
889 Broadway
New York, NY

Start Times
11:00 a.m.
12:30 p.m.
2:00 p.m.

Taking time out of a busy day, sitting in a tearoom, emptying the mind of thoughts, listening to the sound of water boiling in the teakettle, and drinking a bowl of tea is such an exquisite pleasure.

Teachers are invited to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in one of the most beautiful spaces in New York City, under the direction of one of the foremost practitioners of this ancient rite.

The Japanese tea ceremony is a meditative practice that promotes mindfulness, social skills, attention to detail, inner calm, aesthetic appreciation, personal growth, and connection with nature. Join us to discover the history of the ceremony and to learn the proper way to make, and drink, matcha tea.

Early Booking Exclusively for Academy Fellows*

Through November 1, Fellows can purchase up to two $10 tickets (a $60 value each). (We hope, but don’t insist, that your guest be a teacher.) Space is limited!

*You are a Fellow of The Academy for Teachers if you have been accepted to, and attended, an in-person master class.

Keiko Kitazawa

Keiko Kitazawa, secretary general of Omotesenke Domonkai Eastern Region, USA, is an Omotesenke-style tea ceremony instructor in New York City. In her practice, “Chaji,” the formal tea gathering, is the ultimate manifestation of chanoyu’s central concept: to gracefully serve delicious tea in a serene environment and to share a moment with the guests. For her, practicing chanoyu is not only about learning the procedures and customs involved, but living an aesthetically and spiritually rich life.

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