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DreamBuilding for EducatorsSpecial EventVirtual

Monday, Apr 25, 2022Thursday, Apr 28, 2022

4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. EDT

Educators face the daunting task of inspiring students to dream and grow, but who inspires them? This workshop offers the tools and space for educators to develop their own dreams, as well as deepen their understanding of who they are and why they teach. Participants will hone a personal vision, learn tools for creation and sustainability, practice rituals that encourage holistic growth and better health, and leave inspired to impact the lives of others through authentic action. Be a student again and recognize your passion and purpose inside and outside the classroom!

Christal Brown

Christal Brown is the founder of INSPIRIT and Project: BECOMING, the creator of the Liquid Strength training module for dance, and the chair of dance at Middlebury College. Brown is a native of Kinston, North Carolina, where she remembers cleaning up on Saturday mornings as a child to the music of the Chi-Lites, Marvin Gaye, and Shirley Caesar. These rituals produced a strong desire in her to make all work melodic, sensual, meaningful and set to music. By navigating her way through narrow corridors of segregated understandings to the stages of beautiful theaters, community centers, churches, classrooms, and cultural epiphanies, Brown has found the true meaning of grace. She is a mover, a warrior of change and transformation, living out experiences her double-amputee father recounted from his war-ridden dreams. The melodies in her body are melancholic and brought to life through the music, seen through her choreography. Brown combines her athleticism, creativity, love for people, and passion for teaching to create works that redefine the art of dance and the structure of the field.