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Early Career Fellowship 2024-2025Early Career FellowshipIn-Person

Friday, Jun 14, 2024

Early Decision Deadline

The first year of the Early Career Fellowship provides each new teacher with the tools, inspiration, and support that will dramatically increase their confidence in the classroom. Early Career Fellows meet monthly, after school, for workshops and mentoring from veteran Academy Fellows, who are among the best teachers in New York. Each session ends with a shared meal where teachers share war stories and laugh. Twice a year, during a school day, Early Career Fellows take part in a master class led by an expert who will deepen their knowledge of the subjects they teach.

This year we are accepting teachers of Special Education and English/ELA/ENL with 0-5 years of experience. Find out more about our two-year program here.

In session from October 2024 through June 2025

Our mentors, veteran teachers and Academy Fellows, are the heart of the Early Career Fellowship. Through workshops and mentoring sessions, they share their experience, wisdom, and joy, giving Early Career Fellows a road map to a long and rewarding career. Master classes are led by esteemed professors, scholars, and artists from across the city and nation.