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What Is ChatGPT? How Do You Use It?Master ClassIn-Person

Friday, Dec 01, 2023

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Calder Lounge in Uris Hall, Columbia University
3022 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

In partnership with Columbia University

This master class on generative artificial intelligence will be useful for teachers of any subject. Generative artificial intelligence and language models like ChatGPT have captured the attention of the world, leaving many with questions about what their broader effects will be, particularly in areas like education. This master class will provide an intuitive explanation of how generative models work, as well as hands-on experience on how to use them. We will discuss their capabilities, implications, and design process, and learn about how decisions made at all points in their design affect their broader impacts and limitations.


Melanie Subbiah

Melanie Subbiah worked at OpenAI on ChatGPT’s predecessor, GPT-3. She is one of the first authors on the GPT-3 paper, which won a best paper award at NeurIPS 2020 and has been cited over 15,000 times. Currently a fourth-year computer science PhD student at Columbia University, her research focuses on narrative summarization and online text safety; she has also taught discrete mathematics at Columbia. Melanie found her interest in language models by looking for a way to combine her love of reading and writing fiction with her love of computer science. Melanie still enjoys reading fantasy, rom-coms, and science fiction, and hanging out with her dog, Mango, in Brooklyn.